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Welcome to the world of blue water cruising

Welcome to the world of blue water cruising

What would it be like to sail around the world on your own boat, to cruise to remote Pacific islands, to drop anchor in the Greek Isles or sail around Cape Horn? What would it be like if suddenly nothing were ordinary anymore, if every morning the rising sun ushered in a new adventure?

Does this sound like an impossible dream?

Believe it or not there are thousands of people doing just this.They are called blue water cruisers--cruisers or yachties for short.They are curious creatures willing to give up most of their worldly possessions--houses, cars, pets--in order to fulfill their dream of sailing around the world.Eccentrically, they prefer to live a mobile life on the water fraught with danger rather than hunkering down safely on land.

In his book Happy Isles of Oceania, Paul Theroux keenly describes the cruisers he observed in the South Pacific:

Who in marine history, or in the history of oceanic exploration, ever lived like this?Either they went ashore and conquered, claimed the island, and left; or they stayed ashore, anthropologizing, botanizing, evangelizing, being a complete nuisance to the locals, whom they wish to subvert.

The yachties at their moorings had the equivalent of a gypsy camp at the edge of town, slightly exotic, occasionally insinuating themselves into the life of the place.

Welcome to the world of blue water cruising.

Man overboard

Man overboard