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Getting fit with RM Seafood owner Rick Moonen

Getting fit with RM Seafood owner Rick Moonen

For most of us, eating is an extreme sport. Sitting down to a sumptuous meal induces an adrenaline rush and, if done too often, can be hazardous to one’s health. Staying fit and healthy in a world of easily acquired, finger-licking good food is a challenge.

In a conversation with Rick Moonen, the owner of RM Seafood in Las Vegas, star of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters, and seafood activist, Chef Moonen shared how he manages to control his diet and stay in shape when he’s surrounded by some of the finest foods in the world. 

Moonen, a man who always seems to have an impish grin on his face, weighs in at about 180 pounds and describes himself as pretty fit. To balance his life filled to the brim with tantalizing tidbits, he says he periodically cleanses, strictly eating vegetables and protein. 

“I love to juice, because I don’t eat enough raw vegetables.  I’ll buy a sink full of raw vegetables.  I’ll put them in my sink. I’ll ice it down with water and let it soak there to super-chill it and wash the exterior. I’ll juice it whole, skin on, doesn’t matter, so you get the full benefit of it. 

“The chilling down process keeps it from oxidizing through the abrasive, you know, centrifical…you have to chew it up to make juice out of it. That creates heat. Chilling it down helps to retain its natural flavor and condition.”

Moonen also says he drinks kombucha and eats kim chee “to introduce some sort of a controlled fermenting product” to his digestive tract.

“I make my own kombucha.  Every morning I have a gigantic glass of a little bit of kombucha [mixed with] a little bit of vegetable juice, if I’ve made it, or just a ginger and lemongrass tea.  I’ll add a little club soda if I want to add some spritz to it.  It’s good flora.”

Moonen also exercises a lot. He does P90X Muscle Confusion, Pilates, stretching and cyclingRed Rock is his preferred place to bike.

Chef Moonen suggests one way to stay healthy is to cook your own food, words you might not expect to hear from someone who owns a restaurant.

“Cook it yourself. It’s not that hard. Get involved in your life,” he advises.

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